We’ll Have The Summer: Love and Life on a Guest Ranch

We’ll Have The Summer (308 pp, $15.95, ISBN: 978-1-60381-837-7), by Dutch Henry, is a heartwarming novel about love, life and horses.


For $4.95, you can read it on your Kindle. For other ebook formats, go to Smashwords.

“This book was very touching. I absolutely dearly loved it. I highly recommend it to others.”  Read more …

–Kate’s Book Blog

“A fantastic read about the power of love, the heartbreak of loss along with the ability of horses to change someone’s life. In addition to being an excellent writer, Dutch interweaves the concept of natural horse care and horsemanship throughout the book which is a breath of fresh air to those who follow a holistic approach to horses.”

–Lisa Ross-Williams, Natural Horse Magazine

“A heartfelt and emotional read that should prove hard to put down, We’ll Have the Summer is a fine pick, and very much recommended for contemporary fiction collections.”

–Midwest Book Review/Small Press Bookwatch

“The key to this warm ‘family’ drama is that Dutch Henry avoids over-sentimentality yet his three key characters (in addition to the horses) contain tenderness…. Readers will enjoy this well-written look at the end of life as three people and a horse come together for one last hurrah.”

–Harriet Klausner, World of Romance blog.

“A very touching and inspiring book. For me it has all the necessary ingredients for a good read: horses, loving people, and a dude ranch …. Dutch Henry, the author and a horseman, relates a story that is only possible because of the deep bonds between both humans and horses. He very aptly captures the flavor of the authentic western lifestyle. You’ll meet courageous women, kindhearted cowboys and some amazing horses in this tale. We’ll Have The Summer is a story of determination and challenges combined with joy, happiness and love.”

—Carole Moore, owner, White Stallion Ranch

“One of the most touching stories I’ve ever read. The love triangle between man, woman and horse has never been so poignantly displayed.”

–Tom Scrima, General Manager of the American Competitive Trail Horse Association

“Dutch Henry paints vivid and realistic scenes with compelling characters.”

–Tom Seay, star and producer of RFD-TV’s popular show, Best of America By Horseback.

“[Dutch] has captured the flavour of the authentic western lifestyle. We see the poignant lives of courageous women, kind-hearted cowboys, devoted friends and the horses that bring them together.”

–Carole Herder, President of Cavallo Horse & Rider

The doctors say she’ll be gone by fall, but they have one last summer. One hot summer to consummate a lifetime of love, to cry together, laugh together … remember together. When a troubled teenage girl and an injured horse turn to them for help, Mary and Sam Holt find enough room in their own large and breaking hearts to show the girl life’s glories and restore a champion’s will. We’ll Have The Summer is a magnificent story about life, love, and horses.

“I wanted to write a story of an uncommon love so enduring it could overcome insurmountable obstacles,” says Dutch. “My passion for horses and the way they can enrich a person’s life needed to be part of the story. I believe in the power of love and the spirit of the horse and these two forces came together to tell this story. My only job was to fill in the details.”

Dutch Henry is a freelance writer and novelist who resides in Virginia with his wife of 35 years, horse, dogs, cats and chickens. He is also a staff writer for the American Competitive Trail Horse Association (ACTHA). You can find Dutch on the Web at dutchhenryauthor.com.

We’ll Have The Summer is available in Kindle ($4.95) and print editions on Amazon.com, Amazon.co.uk, Amazon.de, Amazon.fr and Amazon Japan. Bookstores and libraries can order by contacting info@Camelpress.com or through Ingram or Baker and Taylor. Other electronic versions can be purchased on Smashwords or at any of the major online ebook stores.


She tied Comanche to the cart and drove to the barn. She maneuvered straight into the aisle and stopped in the center, where the shade and the constant breeze flowing down the aisle allowed her to work on his mane in relative comfort. Not that his mane needed work—several-times-a-day brushings for the past few weeks had made it tangle-free and shiny with natural oils—but she really wanted to braid it and play with it. Maybe put ribbons in the braids. Yeah, today she was playing dress up. Or rather Comanche was.

She started combing his mane and looked over his neck at the two new ribbons hanging on the stall walls. They stood out all bright and fresh compared to the faded ones she and Barbara had re-hung a few weeks ago. Sam had already framed the two new pictures of her and Barbara. They flanked the gold frame that held a smiling Callie sitting tall on Comanche. Callie proudly showing off her blue ribbon, won that day, not so long ago—but too long ago.

Looking at that picture and holding a handful of mane didn’t make her as sad as it had in the past. Made her remember, for sure. She realized she felt more pride than sorrow. Some folks would probably call that progress. She was still a little mad, though. At herself. She shouldn’t have kept those memories locked away in a trunk for so long.

Memories … That’s what this summer was for her. A special time to make super-special memories for her long-legged cowboy. Memories of his favorite gal rehabbing a special horse, winning ribbons, and helping a young to girl get excited about life. She tied a ribbon on the end of Comanche’s braid and smiled. Of course there was another batch of special memories, too. The kind that only lovers could make. The kind that could wash away any sad with a big bucket of happy.

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