Primary Source, by Sharon St. George

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Primary Source ($15.95, 320 pages, 8×5 Trade Paperback, ISBN: 9781603815482) is Sharon St. George’s fifth novel in the Aimee Machado Mystery series. The series follows Aimee Machado, Timbergate Medical Center’s forensic librarian, who discovers an outrageous black-market scheme involving organ donation and risks her life to save innocent patients.

Aimee Machado is a health sciences librarian and facilitator for Timbergate Medical Center’s Ethics Committee, a board who is responsible for monitoring organ transplant protocols and procedures, as well as keeping strict records of every donated organ that is harvested from a TMC patient. However, ethics seems to take a turn when Aimee finds the new chairman of the committee, Dr. Heath MacAllister, brain dead from a fall in a hospital stairwell. Mysterious circumstances surround his death, making Aimee believe that this was no accident and as she investigates MacAllister’s death, an incredible plot involving organ donations becomes unveiled with her life at risk.

Sharon St. George’s writing credits include three plays, several years writing advertising copy, a book on NASA’s space food project, and feature stories too numerous to count. She holds dual degrees in English and Theatre Arts, and occasionally acts in, or directs, one of her local community theater productions. Sharon is a member of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America, and she serves as program director for Writers Forum, a nonprofit organization for writers in northern California. For more information, go to

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