Ghost in the Surf

Ghost in the Surf ($15.95, XXX pages, 8×5 Trade Paperwork, ISBN: 9781603816571) is the first novel in E. L. Oakes’ Kami White Para(normal)legal Mystery series.

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Prominent lawyer Charles Hanford is dead. According to the autopsy, it’s nothing more than an everyday drowning, a surfing accident. In surfer lingo, he just caught a bad wave. But Kami White, his paralegal, isn’t so sure. She’s surfed with Charles a dozen times and knows how careful he was. When she talks to the other surfers on the beach that day, and to her cousin Patrick, the captain of the Coast Guard cutter that responded to the drowning, she’s even more certain that it was no simple accident.

E.L. Oakes lives in San Leandro, California with her partner and two insane cats. She’s an avid organic gardener with a passion for the paranormal. When not ensconced with her computer at the dining room table, she can often be found deep in dirt in the back garden or out haunting the local coffee shops with her laptop.

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