The Hidden Key by David E. Grogan

Book #3 in the Steve Stillwell Series, The Hidden Key, by author David E Grogan.

When Navy veteran Kevin Jones smuggles an ancient map out of Iraq, he pays with his life. A wealthy Indian businessman seeks it next until he cries out in anguish he’s sold his soul. It’s up to attorney Steve Stilwell to uncover why before the map’s secrets consume him too.

The Hidden Key is the third book in the Steve Stillwell series.

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With a billionaire new client and a half-million dollar retainer, attorney Steve Stilwell should be happy. Instead, tragedy strikes, pushing him to the breaking point and causing him to question many of the choices he’s made throughout his life. He realizes he’s unwittingly traded family and friends for professional success, always defaulting to the excuse that he had no ethical choice other than the one he’d chosen. Now he’s not so sure. The Key explores whether Steve has waited too long to change, or better yet, whether he wants to.


“A tautly written, puzzle-driven thriller that kept me turning pages. Fans of Dan Brown are sure to love Grogan’s The Hidden Key.” Susan Furlong, bestselling author of the Bone Gap Travellers novels.

“David Grogan writes a fast-paced legal thriller with international scope that kept me turning pages deep into the night. The surprises kept coming as victims were revealed to be villains and villains to be heroes. Mr. Grogan knows his subject matter cold and delivers it with fire and passion.” Michael Sears, Shamus-Award winning author of Saving Jason

The Hidden Key is a globe-hopping thriller that had me on the edge of my seat. The plot weaves together modern criminals and ancient beliefs with spellbinding action that leads to a scary climax. Steve Stilwell is a likable protagonist supported by Casey, his competent partner. The antagonists are varied and scary in each of their ways. An exciting read.“ Michael Niemann, author of No Right Way

“David Grogan’s Sapphire Pavilion is a page turner with twists and turns on just about every page. From a sleepy law practice in Southern Virginia to the streets and back alleys of Ho Chi Minh City to the corridors of the U.S. State Department, Grogan’s protagonist – retired Navy JAG Captain Steve Stilwell, manages to piece together a long-buried truth that threatens to destroy him and others.” Gene Pell, Host of the nationally syndicated radio program “Veterans Chronicles”


David E. Grogan is the author of  The Siegel Dispositions and the Sapphire Pavillion. He plans to hold book signings at military bases. Learn more at

Price: $15.95 US #18.95 CAD | 6″x9″ Trade Paperback | Kindle e-Book $5.95 | 254 Pages | ISBN 139-781-60381-586-4

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