Unlikely Spy Catchers, by Carla Kelly


The Unlikely Spy Catchers (230 pp, ISBN: 978-1603811088, $15.95), by award-winning romance novelist Carla Kelly, is a novel about friendship and love, an unusual school for workhouse boys training for the Royal Navy, and the ever-present danger of life in a seafaring town at a time of grave national emergency, as Napoleon considers taking his war […]

Merry Christmas from Camel Press!


Looking for Christmas-themed stories? Here are two Regency romance story collections by award-winning author Carla Kelly and a mystery in Robert J. Ray‘s classic hard-boiled Matt Murdock series. If you love Carla’s Christmas stories, check out Camel Press’s reprints of her other Regencies as well as her historical romances set in the Santa Fe area. Guaranteed […]

Regency Christmas Gifts, by Carla Kelly: Three All-New Stories for the Holidays


Regency Christmas Gifts: Three Stories ($14.95, 210 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-994-7) is an all-new collection of two novella-length regency romances and one short story by “the Grandmistress of the [Regency] genre” (The Romance Reader), Carla Kelly.

In the first of these stories set in early 19th-century England, The Lasting Gift, an impoverished war widow returns a misdelivered parcel […]

With This Ring, by Carla Kelly: A Beleagered Gentlewoman Agrees to a Marriage of Convenience


With This Ring ($15.95, 306 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-951-0), a regency romance by Carla Kelly,  features a gentlewoman who escapes society’s censure after an embarrassing display of plain-speaking by marrying a man she barely knows–a wounded earl who must present his family with a wife in order to secure his inheritance.

“The story never drags and is never […]

Season’s Regency Greetings: Two Christmas Novellas by Carla Kelly


Season’s Regency Greetings ($11.95, 154 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-254-2), presents two Christmas-themed novellas by Carla Kelly set in England in the early 19th century. In “Let Nothing You Dismay,” Cecilia Ambrose accompanies a young student to her grand estate, where she meets a bachelor dedicated to helping the poor. Can Cecilia help him? In “No Room at […]

Mrs. McVinnie’s London Season, by Carla Kelly: An Outspoken Scotswoman Makes a Splash in Society


Mrs. McVinnie’s London Season ($15.95, 344 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-955-8), a regency romance by Carla Kelly, was first published in 1990. It features a pretty young widow whose no-nonsense attitude enchants London Society and helps to put a chaotic household of unhappy children to rights. Along the way, she discovers it is possible to love more than […]

Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind, by Carla Kelly: A Shy Woman Finds Her Voice


Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind ($14.95, 286 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-953-4) features a gentlewoman oppressed by her relatives who learns to stand up for herself. The regency romance was first published in 1998.

Carla Kelly is the recipient of two RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America for Best Regency of the Year; two Spur Awards from Western […]

Miss Billings Treads The Boards, by Carla Kelly: High Drama in Regency England


Miss Billings Treads the Boards ($14.95, 266 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-915-2) is Camel Press’ third reprint of a Carla Kelly regency romance. First published in 1993, the novel features a gentlewoman who joins an acting troupe during a time when stage acting was considered scandalous. Camel has also reprinted Ms. Kelly’s first novel, the historical romance Daughter […]

Miss Chartley’s Guided Tour, a Regency Romance by Award-Winning Author Carla Kelly


Miss Chartley’s Guided Tour ($13.95, 250 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-913-8) is Camel Press’s latest reprint of  popular regency romances by Carla Kelly. First published in 1989, the novel features a gentlewoman of reduced circumstances whose luck changes when she helps an abused runaway.


**Also Available in Kindle, Nook, and […]

Miss Whittier Makes a List, a Regency Romance by Award-Winning Author Carla Kelly


Miss Whittier Makes a List ($14.95, 252 pp., ISBN: 978-1-60381-897-1), is a reprint of a regency romance by “the Grandmistress of the [Regency] genre,” (Romantic Reader) Carla Kelly.

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Ms. Kelly is the recipient of two RITA Awards from […]