Johnny Come Lately, by Kathleen M. Rodgers, Now Available in Large Print
Available now from Thorndike Press is the large print edition of Johnnie Come Lately. Thorndike Press calls Johnnie Come Lately “contemporary, issues-driven women’s fiction featuring warm and spunky Johnnie Kitchen and her family.”

Epicenter Press Acquires Coffeetown Enterprises
SEATTLE, WA; January 2, 2018 – Epicenter Press, Inc., announced today, the acquisition of Coffeetown Enterprises, LLC., which includes Coffeetown Press, Camel Press and Fanny Press imprints. For additional information contact: Phil Garrett, President,, 425-485-6822

Johnnie Come Lately, by Kathleen M. Rodgers, Now Available in Audiobook
Camel Press is delighted to announce that Johnnie Come Lately, a work of women’s contemporary fiction by Kathleen M. Rodgers, is now available in audiobook. The narrator is Grammy award-winning vocalist and former Broadway actress Leslie Ellis.

Camel Press to Reprint Mary Daheim’s Destiny’s Pawn: Desire & Deception in the Court of Henry VIII
Destiny’s Pawn (release date: 1/15/2016), by bestselling author Mary Daheim, features the fictional niece of Thomas Cromwell as she tries to avoid becoming a casualty of court intrigue during the Reformation.

Camel Press Announces the Release of Regency Christmas Gifts: Three All-New Stories by Carla Kelly
An impoverished war widow meets a well-to-do retired sailing master, a self-made man returns home to Scotland, and a man visits the estate of his relatives to divert his lovely second cousin.

Camel Press to Release Murdock Rocks Sedona by Robert J. Ray in December: The Mighty Are Falling
On 12/15/2015, Camel Press will release book 9 in Robert J. Ray’s Matt Murdock Mystery series. Camel reprinted the first 5 novels in the series and released book 6, Murdock Tackles Taos, in 2013.

Johnnie Come Lately Wins a Best Cover Award from Southern Writers Magazine
Camel Press is delighted to announce that Johnnie Come Lately, a work of Women’s Contemporary fiction by Kathleen M. Rodgers, is one of 8 winners in Southern Writers Magazine’s Best Cover Contest.

Camel Press to Release Side Trip to Kathmandu, by Marie Moore: Unmasking a Well-Heeled Villain
On 3-15-2015 Camel Press will release the third mystery featuring travel agent Sidney Marsh. Sidney and Jay are recruited by a glamorous friend for a luxury tour of India and Nepal, knowing that one of their fellow travelers may be a kil*ler.

Barnes & Noble to Hold Book Launch for Johnnie Come Lately, by Kathleen M. Rodgers (Camel Press)
On 2/7/2015, from 2-4 p.m., Barnes and Noble in Southlake, TX, will sponsor a book launch for Kathleen M. Rodgers’ novel, Johnnie Come Lately, a story of love, loss, and second chances.

Camel Press to Release Split to Splinters, by Max Everhart: A Hall of Famer Versus his Own Family
Split to Splinters is the second Eli Sharpe Mystery. A retired baseball star believes one of his four daughters is stealing his career memorabilia and gives Eli free rein to rattle the family skeletons.

Camel Press to Release Gosford’s Daughter by Mary Daheim: Intrigue in the Scottish Highlands
Gosford’s Daughter is a reprint of an early historical romance by bestselling author Mary Daheim. Originally published in 1988 under the title, Passion’s Triumph, it continues the story that began with The Royal Mile, originally Love’s Pirate.

Camel Press Releases Season’s Regency Greetings: Two Christmas Novellas by Carla Kelly
Season’s Regency Greetings includes reprints of two Christmas novellas set in 19th century England: “Let Nothing You Dismay” (originally published in 2003) and “No Room at the Inn” (2002).

Camel Press to Release City of Tigers: A Fantasy World Where Machines Prevail Over Magic
Videogame designer Leif Chappelle’s fantasy novel features a street musician who defies the authorities to conjure music out of the air.

Camel Press Announces the August Release of Go Go Gato, by Max Everhart: A Ballplayer Vanishes
Go Go Gato is the first book in a new mystery/suspense series featuring Eli Sharpe, a former baseball player turned detective.

Camel Press Announces the June Release of Lia Farrell’s Two Dogs Lie Sleeping
On June 1, Camel Press will release the second cozy mystery in a series featuring Mae December, the owner of a dog boarding business in Rosedale, Tennessee. Book 1 was titled One Dog Too Many.

Camel Press to Reprint Carla Kelly’s Mrs. McVinnie’s London Season in June
First published in 1990, this regency romance features a pretty young widow whose no-nonsense attitude enchants London Society and helps to bring a chaotic household of unhappy children to rights.

Two Camel Press Titles Are Finalists in Foreword’s 2013 Book of the Year Contest
ForeWord Magazine selects Game Drive and Jackson Hole Journey in its search for the best indie books of 2013. Both books are published under Coffeetown Enterprises’ genre imprint, Camel Press.

Camel Press to Release Stealing the Moon & Stars: The Heat Is On for a Team of Scottsdale PIs
In Book 1 of a new romantic suspense series by Sally J. Smith and Jean Steffens, a well-heeled beauty and a handsome bad boy struggle to resist their chemistry as they try to solve an apparent case of embezzlement.

Camel Press Announces the May Release of Sticks & Stones: When Words Can Do More Than Hurt
Sticks & Stones is the latest work of mystery/suspense by R. Franklin James. A woman whose efforts to clear the name of her de*ad friend put her own life in danger.

Camel Press Announces the April Release of The Hard Way: Death by Diamond Dust
The Hard Way is the latest work of mystery/suspense by Cathi Stoler. A free getaway to Vegas turns ugly when the contest winner is murdered.

Camel Press Announces the February Release of Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind, by Carla Kelly
On 2/1/2014, Camel Press will release Miss Milton Speaks Her Mind, a reprint of a 1998 regency romance by Carla Kelly. A gentlewoman oppressed by her relatives learns to stand up for herself.

Camel Press Announces the February Release of The Royal Mile, by Bestselling Author Mary Daheim
The Royal Mile, a historical romance, will be released in both trade paperback and multiple eBook formats on Feb. 14, 2014. It was originally published in 1983 under the title, Love’s Pirate.

Camel Press Announces the March Release of The Assassin’s Heart: Torn Between Love and Duty
The Assassin’s Heart is a work of romantic suspense by J.A. Kazimer about a female assassin who tries to quit the business, only to find that her ex-partner has been assigned to kill her.

Camel Press Announces the April Release of The Infinity Program: A Quantum Computer Run Amok
If a computer told you it could save the world, would you believe it? On April 1, 2014, Camel Press will release The Infinity Program, a work of science fiction by debut novelist Richard H. Hardy.

Local writer hits high note in debut novel
Just before Halloween, I thought it only fitting to tell you about a wonderfully written and fun — albeit somewhat scary — new novel by local author Scott A. Lerner. “Cocaine Zombies” is a paranormal thriller set in Champaign-Urbana; after reading it, you might find yourself looking at your neighbors in a whole new way.

Camel Press Releases Curveball by Jen Estes: A Sportswriter Exposes Corruption in Santo Domingo
The second mystery featuring sportswriter Cat McDaniel. Curveball follows Cat to a Latin American training facility where she investigates the exploitation of young ball players.

Camel Press Releases The Judas Line: An Assassin and a Priest Team Up Against the Forces of Evil
The Judas Line, by Mark Everett Stone, is a paranormal suspense thriller about a magician and former assassin who, with the help of a tough-guy priest, sets out to thwart his family’s evil plans.

Sasha Plotkin’s Deceit, by Vaughn Sherman: Spy Versus Spy in Stockholm
Sasha Plotkin’s Deceit is the first novel of Vaughn Sherman, whose plot was inspired by his real-life adventures as a CIA operative in Stockholm, Sweden.

Camel Press Releases The Last of Lady Lansdown: A Regency Romance by Shirley Kennedy
Shirley Kennedy, the author of Camel Press’ latest release, The Last of Lady Lansdown, has published several other Regency Romances with Ballantine and Signet.

Camel Press Brings Robert J. Ray’s Murdock Cracks Ice Back into Print
Robert J. Ray’s Murdock Cracks Ice is back in print. First published in 1992, the 5th Matt Murdock mystery is the only one set in Seattle, where Ray resides. Coming soon: the rest of the series.

My Reading Room Reviews Dead and Not So Buried: “A non-stop detective thriller.”

Mysterious Reviews reviews Dead and Not So Buried: “The characters are strongly drawn, and the Hollywood setting offers an exciting backdrop.”

Two Camel Authors on Shortlist for ForeWord Firsts Awards
Two works of debut fiction, Dancing with Eternity (John Patrick Lowrie) and Things to Do in Denver When You’re Un-De*ad are on the shortlist for ForeWord Firsts Awards.

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Un-Dead, by Mark Everett Stone, 2nd Place Winner for Humor in Forward Literature Awards.

Camel Press Releases Big Leagues: A Female Sportswriter Reporting for a New Team Cries Foul
Big Leagues, by Jen Estes, is a new Camel Press mystery featuring a female sportswriter who doesn’t realize her exciting new high-profile job is fraught with danger.

Reality TV Hits a New Low in Camel Press’s Latest Release
Death Island, by Joan Conning Afman, is a fantasy suspense novel about a wrongly convicted prisoner who must fight for his life on a reality TV show that appeals to our basest human instincts.

Fantasy Book Critic Review of Dancing with Eternity, by Liviu Suciu
The more I progressed through the novel, the more impressive it became and while I will explain some of the reasons later, I will say that Dancing with Eternity turned out to be the first mind blowing 2011 sff novel I did not previously know about.

ForeWord Review of Oliver Pepper’s Pickle, by John C. Picardi
Oliver Pepper’s Pickle, with its alcoholic, sexually stunted narrator, fits snugly into this compendium. Oliver Pepper’s decline and fall, and his subsequent recovery, is the basis of this humorous, sometimes rambling work of fiction by John C. Picardi. Oliver Pepper is a man who has become incapable of living his life. He is highly intelligent, and utterly wounded by his past.

Quincy Playwright John Picardi Publishes his First Novel and Makes a Teacher its Hero, by Jody Feinberg, The Patriot Ledger
In some respects, this entertaining book is a salute to teachers. The inspiration for the story came from Picardi’s experience as a substitute teacher in New York City and from the example set by his father, a middle school teacher in Braintree for 38 years, and his sisters, who also are teachers.

Camel Press Releases John Picardi’s Novel, Oliver Pepper’s Pickle: a Sensitive Guy in a Man’s World
Oliver Pepper’s Pickle, by playwright John C. Picardi, is a novel about a NYC prep school teacher whose comically messy life comes together when he starts teaching in an urban public school.

Camel Press Releases Good Catch by Tracy Ann Lord: Romance & Culture Shock at a Maine Fishing Camp
Good Catch, by Tracy Ann Lord, is a contemporary romance about a Miami businesswoman who reluctantly trades her stiletto heels for waders at a fishing camp in Maine.

“Life Moves Forward for Mary Billiter,” by Elysia Conner, Casper Journal, 7-25-2011
The book doesn’t end with a nice, clean resolution because life doesn’t happen that way. Followers of Mary Billiter’s column in the Casper Star-Tribune know she can lay truths of herself and life on newsprint for all to see. Her first published fiction book, “Not My Kid,” reaches local shelves this week.

“Of dogs and zombies: How two Colorado authors broke from the pack and got their books published.” Weston Phippen, The Denver Post, 7-20-2011
He knows what you’re thinking. A car salesman turned novelist? But Denverite Mark Stone isn’t one of those insincere sales bots, dressed up in a sport jacket and bad tie, switched off at the end of the day and plugged into an outlet located somewhere by the machine that makes that watered-down coffee. “There are stereotypes out there that are true and untrue,” said Stone, who has had some success lately peddling his books. “Like that all reporters are sloppy and so caffeinated they can’t hold still.”

Camel Press Releases Mark Everett Stone’s Debut Novel about a Super-Agent and Supernatural Evil
Camel Press announces the release of Things to Do in Denver When You’re Un-Dead, by Mark Everett Stone, an urban fantasy about a super-agent assigned to keep the supernatural world at bay.

Camel Press Releases New Mystery by Norma Lehr About A Chorus Line Reunion in Lake Tahoe
Camel Press announces the release of Timestep to Mur*der, a mystery by Norma Lehr. A group of showgirls reunite to perform in Tahoe. After two end up in the morgue, the rest fear for their lives.

Camel Press Releases Time Slice: A Fantasy About An Earth that Co-Exists with Other Worlds
Camel Press is proud to announce the release of Time Slice, by Kerry Downing, a fantasy novel about a retired engineer who acquires the power to visit hidden worlds that co-exist on our planet.

Camel Press Releases a New Mystery by Kathleen Delaney: Violent Death and Cherry Danish
Seattle, WA.—Camel Press is proud to announce the release of a new cozy mystery by Kathleen Delaney, set in a small town whose residents harbor far too many secrets.

Camel Press Announces the Release of Not My Kid: A Reporter’s Troubled Child Makes the Headlines
Seattle, WA.—Camel Press announces the release of Not my Kid, by Mary Billiter, a novel about a single mother and newspaper reporter whose child becomes a suspect in a case she is covering.

Indie Groundbreaking Publisher: Coffeetown Press
A Feisty Little Seattle Publisher with a Mission
Independent Publisher: The Voice of the Independent Publishing Industry

Camel Press Announces the Release of Telling Lies: A Mystery about Stolen Art and False Identities
Camel Press releases Telling Lies, by Cathi Stoler, a mystery featuring two dynamic female sleuths whose case sets them against unscrupulous art dealers, foreign spies and greedy businessmen.

Camel Press Announces the Release of Bonded in Brazil: A Novel about Love and Winemaking
Camel Press is proud to announce the release of Bonded in Brazil, by Rhiannon Ellis, a contemporary romance that centers around the vineyards of Brazil and Napa Valley.

Camel Press Announces the Release of We’ll Have the Summer: Love and Life on a Dude Ranch
Seattle, WA.—Camel Press is proud to announce the release of We’ll Have The Summer (308 pp, $18.95, ISBN: 978-1-60381-837-7), by Dutch Henry, a heartwarming novel about love, life and horses.

“Buy a Bear to Save a Cat,” byTammy Compton,The Wayne Independent
Honesdale, Pa. —Local author Cole Alpaugh’s book “The Bear in a Muddy Tutu” hit number 3 on’s Bestseller’s List for it’s genre just four days after its release.

Camel Press Releases the Bear in a Muddy Tutu, a Magical Novel About a Traveling Circus
Camel Press is proud to announce the release of The Bear in a Muddy Tutu, by Cole Alpaugh, a novel about lovable misfits, both animal and human, whose fates become intertwined in a ragtag circus.

Camel Press Releases Ding Dong the Diva’s Dead, a Cozy Murder Mystery Set in the Opera World
Camel Press announces the release of Ding Dong the Diva’s Dead (246 pp, $16.95), a cozy murder mystery by Cat Melodia that takes place in the world of struggling opera singers.

Camel Press Announces Reading/Signing at Elliott Bay Book Company of Blood, by Jack Remick
March 6, 2011, 2 pm: Elliott Bay Book Co on Seattle’s Capitol Hill will sponsor a reading for the novel, Blood (Camel Press), by Jack Remick. Blood is the story of a man who seeks redemption for a life steeped in violence.

Camel Press Releases Blood, a novel about a Career Criminal and Ex-Mercenary Seeking Redemption
Seattle, WA.—Camel Press is proud to announce the release of Blood, a novel by Seattle author Jack Remick about a man who seeks redemption for a life steeped in violence.

Shadows among the Ruins, a Murder Mystery Set in the Southwest, Now Available through Camel Press
Shadows among the Ruins, a murder mystery by Marie Romero Cash, is now available through Camel Press. The story, set in Santa Fe, New Mexico, features a sexy female sleuth and her two macho suitors.

Camel Press Releases Shirley Kennedy’s Heartbreak Trail: Passion Blooms on a Perilous Journey West
Camel Press is proud to announce the release of Heartbreak Trail, by Shirley Kennedy, a fascinating historical romance that unfolds on a wagon train plagued by misfortune.

Author Jack Remick Sets Date for the Launch Party of Blood, a Camel Press Release
On Jan. 23, 2011, author Jack Remick hosts a launch party for Blood (Camel Press), a novel about a man who seeks redemption for a life steeped in violence. The event takes place at Louisa’s Bakery & Café, 22379 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA, 5-7 pm.

Camel Press Announces the Release of Cold April, by Phyllis A. Humphrey, a “Titanic” Love Story
Camel Press announces the release of Cold April, by Phyllis A. Humphrey, an historical romance that takes place aboard the Titanic.

Camel Press Announces the Release of Whipped, a Novel of Erotic Suspense
Camel Press announces the release of Whipped , by new Camel Press author I.J. Miller. I.J.’s books can be classified as literary erotica: beautifully-crafted, sensual stories with strong characters and fascinating, unpredictable story-lines.