City of Tigers, by L. Chappelle

City of Tigers, Lena Chappelle, Fantasy
Paperback: $14.95
ISBN: 9781603819732
eBook: $5.95

City of Tigers, by L. Chappelle

Raised by his mother in the small town of Havlandsby, young Sigurd watches the projektors make their rounds, keeping the town lit and warm in the dark, cold winters, ensuring that water fills the wells. Their communion with the elements is as old as the world itself, but the projektors are losing their influence, and fewer of them are being born. Their duties are slowly being taken over by inanimate objects—the machinae—and the people they serve are fleeing their homes in droves for the cities.

After Sigurd’s mother dies, he joins the exodus to Tigrebyn, the City of Tigers, where he must fend for himself among the petty thieves and heartless merchants. Finally Sigurd meets Ragna, who has taken it upon herself to track and protect the remaining projektors, now punished for practicing the ancient art of projeksjon and labeled conspirators against the Crown. Sigurd’s particular art is nothing as mundane as bringing forth light, warmth, and water. Sigurd can command the very air to transform the sounds in his head into complex musical compositions, conducting an invisible orchestra of instruments and effects.

The professors at the University, who answer to the Queen, wish to use Sigurd’s gift to invent the greatest machina yet—but first they must bend the young man to their will.

City of Tigers is Book 1 of the Under the Sunstone series.

Lena Chappelle was born and raised in Seattle, WA, and received a BA in music composition from Cornish College of the Arts. She has written music for game soundtracks, dance choreography, and more. Most notably, she has contributed to critically acclaimed PC game Guild Wars 2 as a designer and composer. City of Tigers is her first novel.

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