Things to Do in Denver When You’re Un-Dead: A Super Agent Takes On the Supernatural World

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Un-Dead (ISBN: 978-1-60381-859-9, $15.95, 318 pp.), by Mark Everett Stone, is an urban fantasy about a top-secret government super-agent assigned to keep the most dangerous denizens of the supernatural world at bay.

5 Stars: “If you crave a really enjoyable Paranormal Suspense Thriller to read, THIS is your book. It grabs you from the very first page and drags you along (snarling for you to keep up) and dumps you at the feet of one of THE most unexpected plot twists of an ending that I have ever read. While this novel is Mark’s first, it reads as a cohesive, refined product that leaves me salivating for its forthcoming sequel. ”
—Jeffrey Hollar, The Latinum Vault

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5 Stars: “I laughed, gasped, and sat stunned in silence when Mark dropped his plot bombs. If you’re looking for a smart read, with action, depth, and creative use of legends this is spot on. I personally highly recommend this one.”
—Shyla, The To Be Read Pile

“A fun, nail-biter of a thrill ride …. epic, at times breathtaking in the scope of the world [Stone] creates.  It’s a fun read, but he takes you into territory as varying as that of heartbreak and laugh out loud humor.”
—James Edward Fryar, Scraps from the Wastebasket

Read the Denver Post Interview with Mark.

Five stars: “This book was an absolute pleasure to read. It is witty, funny, dramatic and a well thought out paranormal with very fine storytelling. I couldn’t put it down!”
—Clarrissa Lee Moon, author of the series, The Nightwolves and Celeste Nites

“If you like quick wit, sadistic charm, and bad-ass gadgets, then you will enjoy the hell out of this book … no pun intended.”
—Shay Fabbro, award-winning author of the Portal of Destiny series

“I have really enjoyed reading this book …. The story could just be one of guns, blood and guts and magic, but … Mark Everett Stone has made these characters seem real.”  Read more …
—Michele Herbert, Fantasy Book Review

“This is not a story for the faint of heart or stomach, nor for those wanting a plot with any connection to reality. Personally, I’m really looking forward to the promised sequel.”   Read more …
—Gordon Long, TCM Reviews

“A fantastic read and very easy to follow. The way Mark combines magicians, zombies and super ghouls with a Bogart-style ultra sarcastic officer of the ‘Bureau’ makes you want to keep on reading. I highly recommend this for everyone—not just those into stories of the un-dead.”
—GR Holton, author of Soleri, Guardian’s Alliance and Deep Screams

“Five stars, two thumbs, fantastic! From the moment I began the first page to the final flip of the last, I was hooked. Mark’s snarky to serious main character offers up equal doses of sarcasm and action despite his deeply damaged soul…. The writing is sharp, fast and engaging. The characters are fun and/or not so fun in all the right places. Mark has captured the soul of his lead character so well that it’s like the reader is sitting having a $300 bottle of vodka, chased with an aromatic and equally expensive cigar, while Kal spins tales of his heyday, punctuated by live action reenactments so real you wish you hadn’t eaten dinner.”
—Patti Larsen, author of Fresco, Wasteland (10/2011), The Diamond City (2012), and The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House (2012)

Read Patti’s Interview with Mark Everett Stone.

“The blending of dark twisted humor in this chilling tale is utterly perfect, written with a sure hand. Comedic timing is everything, and author Stone has perfected the classic one-liner…. Make no mistake folks, this isn’t for the faint hearted … the sarcasm is used as a brief respite in the fastest paced action horror that I have read in a very long time.”
—Suzannah Burke, aka Stacey Danson, Author of Empty Chairs

“In a first and quite brilliant novel, Stone proves himself equally adept at feverishly fast-paced action, edgy wit and banter, and the weaving of a richly satisfying and fresh world of mystery and intrigue. Write on, my friend.”
—Michelle Izmaylov, author of The Galacteran Legacy: Galaxy Watch

5 Stars: “Once I picked this book up, I couldn’t put it down. It was filled with all the creatures that hold my imagination, ghouls, zombies, vampires and even a few fun ones, such as Brownies. I honestly was not able to predict the ending, which is unusual for me. …. Kal has risen to the top of my hero list, surpassing that of even Jack Reacher. I want more!”
—Lisa McCourt Hollar, author of SAM, The Wall and The Carnival

For ten years Kal Hakala has been the Bureau of Supernatural Investigation’s top man, the longest surviving agent in its blood-soaked history. The World At Large has no idea that The World Under exists. And its vampires, demons, zombies, and mythic monsters are growing increasingly restless. In all Kal’s time with the Bureau, there has been no case he couldn’t crack, no monster he couldn’t kill. Then a plague of zombies comes to Denver, along with a vicious serial killer dubbed The Organ Donor. A childhood encounter with a legendary monster has left Kal with an endless supply of rage and hatred for all things Supernatural. But now the target is on his forehead, and the Un-Dead don’t die easy. The Bureau has some aces of its own—a few magicians and a cyber-ghost. Unfortunately Kal is a perennial loner … And the World Under is wise to His tricks.

“I wanted to write something set in the modern world that had the kind of fast-paced quality of an Indiana Jones movie,” says first-time novelist Stone, “but with a darker edge. The idea of a bureau that stood as a defense against things-that-go-bump-in-the-night comes from those people, military and otherwise, who stand ready to protect us all from threats that tear at the fabric of our comfortable lives. I aimed for an interesting blend of The Untouchables and the X-Files.”

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Mark Everett Stone arrived in the U.S. at a young age and promptly dove into the world of the fantastic. Starting at age seven with the Iliad and the Odyssey, he went on to consume every scrap of Norse Mythology he could get his grubby little paws on. At age thirteen he graduated to Tolkien and Heinlein, building up a book collection that soon rivaled the local public library’s. In college Mark majored in Journalism and minored in English. Mark is feverishly working on his next book, The Judas Line, while his amazingly patient wife, Brandie, keeps him and their two sons, Aeden and Gabriel, in check. You can find Mark on the Web by visiting his website or his blog.

Things to Do in Denver When You’re Un-Dead is available in Kindle ($4.95) and paperback editions on,,, Amazon Japan, and at select Barnes & Noble and independent bookstores. Bookstores and libraries can order through Ingram or by contacting Other electronic versions can be purchased on Smashwords,, Google eBooks or at any of the major online ebook stores.

Read on for an Excerpt:

If it had been a Hollywood movie, the ghoul’s arm would have separated from its body in beautiful slo-mo, with little bits flying hither and yon in an orgy of special effects gore. What happened wasn’t Hollywood, but it was close.

It spun away, a chattering rattle erupting from its throat, right into fire from Wilke’s .44. Unfortunately, the Detective hit it only once in the chest, the explosive round leaving a softball sized hole that oozed odious black ichor. If he had hit the sucker with more than one, the fight would’ve been over right then and there. Instead, the monster blurred forward, the claws of its remaining hand slashing. More metal tore and Wilkes flew off to the side, .44 clattering to concrete.

My Lahti belched fire five more times, but the ghoul was ready, dodging as if it were performing some graceful undead ballet … the Damned Swan Lake. All five shots missed. It straightened from its last dodge to see a polystyrene egg case roll three feet from its toes.

I bellowed the command word written on the side of the egg. “SNOWDIRT!”

The egg case burst like a paper party popper. A Marquise cut sapphire the size of my pinky nail, glowing with a harsh blue radiance, spun madly into the air to a height of about three feet. Hair thin lines of azure light erupted from the facets, extending some six feet.

The gem spun faster, the radiant blue lines crisscrossing the ghoul hundreds of times in less than a second. This lasted for a brief moment before abruptly winking out and tinking to the floor of the garage.

I stared at the ghoul. It stared at me.

Then it toppled. And fragmented … an avalanche of ghoul spreading itself thin along the cement in thousands of pieces.

Cool beans.

That was Alex’s version of a Bouncing Betty.

I vowed to get him a raise.


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