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Sourdough Dead, by Carol E. Ayer
Ballistics at the Ballet, by B.J. Bowen
Danger in Edinburgh, by Emma Dakin
In the Lion’s Mouth, by Jean Harrington
Look Twice, by R. Franklin James
The Dead Betray None, by J.L. Buck
Renewal, by Sharon St. George
Murder at Sleeping Tiger, by C.R. Koons
Deceived, by Mary Keliikoa
Mistress of Music_Front Cover_eBook
Mistress of Music, by Evelyn Richardson
Lethal Legacies_Front Cover_eBook
Lethal Legacies, by Colleen J. Shogan
Death of a Miser_Front Cover_eBook_02.18.22
Death of a Miser, by Jenna Harte


Toni Braxton will star in Lifetime’s upcoming Fallen Angels Murder Club anthology movie series, which is based on The Fallen Angels Book Club book series by R. Franklin James.
The first installment, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Friends to Die, will premiere on Saturday, April 2, at 8 p.m. EST.
The second installment, Fallen Angels Murder Club: Heroes and Felons, premieres the following week on Saturday, April 9, at the same time.

Coming Soon Spotlight

A Wild Colonial Girl, by Jean Harrington

A Wild Colonial Girl, by Jean Harrington 1686: Bored with village life, 18 year old Abby O’Donnell longs to sail away into the exciting world beyond the ocean. She has little hope of that ever happening until Lord Harry Rushmount, a man unlike any she’s ever met, sails into Providence harbor. Abby is convinced fate…
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Mistress of London, by Evelyn Richardson

Daughter of parents obsessively in love with one another, Grace Owen has seen how love destroyed her widowed father and resolves to avoid it at all costs...
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When We Meet Again, by Carla Kelly

When We Meet Again, by Carla Kelly If you must fight a war, make it good one, so you can entertain admiring children and grandchildren years in the future. But what if your World War II stories are nothing more glamorous than an aircraft factory in boring Kansas, or a sugar beet farm in Southeast…
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