Second Chances, by Jeff Erno

Second Chances, Jeff Erno, Gay, Homosexual, LGBT, GLBT, Science Fiction, Sci Fi, Romance
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 9781603818766
eBook: $5.95

Second Chances, by Jeff Erno

Harold Wainwright is dying. At seventy-nine, stricken with cancer, the billionaire insurance mogul has much to regret. In his youth he rejected his only true love, Jacob, because the young artist was distracting him from the pursuit of wealth and success. Now Harold is alone, rich beyond his wildest dreams … and his life is over.

Doctor Timothy Drayton has found a way to prolong human life. He has created a computer chip that can be implanted into the human brain, allowing consciousness to be transferred from a dying patient into the mind of a donor subject.

Jesse Warren is eighteen years old. He’s a track star, model student, and the typical all-American kid. Then tragedy strikes. After a terrible accident, Jesse is pronounced brain dead. His devastated family is ecstatic when Dr. Drayton offers a “new treatment” for brain injury. Convinced that God has sent a miracle, the Warrens are overjoyed when their son wakes from his coma. They hope and pray the amnesia is not permanent.

But the real Jesse is gone, his consciousness replaced by Harold Wainwright’s. Will Harold make the same mistakes this time around? Or will he take advantage of this rare second chance to find the love that was missing from his former life?

Jeff Erno became a published author in 2009 with his first novel, Dumb Jock. He has written a total of eight novels to date. He currently lives in Michigan and writes full-time.

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