Motherless Child, by V.M. Burns

Motherless Child, V.M. Burns, RJ Franklin, Mystery
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 9781603816915
eBook: $5.95

Motherless Child, by V.M. Burns

JP Rollins, a tough, hard-nosed businessman wasn’t liked by many people, including his own family. However, when he is killed at his daughter’s wedding, Detective RJ Franklin is called to investigate. The list of people who wanted to see him dead include anyone who ever met him, but RJ and Harley start by investigating the wedding party. If money was a motive, JP Rollins prevented his daughter from benefiting from his death by leaving his money in a trust which provided an allowance but prevented her from making any decisions without trustee approval for nearly a decade. However, there were many other reasons for murdering JP Rollins beyond money. Blackmail, revenge, jealousy and a twenty-year-old secret are all brought to life during the course of the investigation.

Todd Stevens, JP Rollins’ son-in-law is having an affair with one of the bridesmaids. Richard Stout, Rollin’s attorney has been forced to work for Rollins to cover up the fact that Stout murdered Rollins’ wife and brother while driving drunk. However, the case comes together for JP when he learns that JP Rollins was having an affair with someone in the wedding party. In fact, the woman who is young enough to be his daughter, is carrying his child. This conversation was overheard by groomsman Tyler Liston, who believes that his wife, Kelly, was the person having an affair and he kills JP in a jealous rage. When RJ and Harley arrive to arrest Liston, he is holding his wife hostage. RJ convinces Tyler to let him come in to talk things over. Once inside, he overpowers Liston just as the SWAT team enters…

Motherless Child is book 2 in the RJ Franklin Mystery series.

V.M. Burns was born and raised in the South Bend, Indiana. She holds a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University and master’s degrees from the University of Notre Dame and Seton Hill University. She is currently thawing out in Eastern Tennessee. V.M. Burns is a member of Mystery Writers of America, International Thriller Writers, and Sisters in Crime. She is the author of the Mystery Bookshop Mystery series and the Dog Club Mystery series.

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