Return to the Shadows, by Marie Romero Cash

Return to the Shadows. Marie Romero Cash. Jemimah Hodge, Mystery
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 9781603819893
eBook: $5.95

Return to the Shadows, by Marie Romero Cash

Jemimah Hodge, forensic psychologist for Santa Fe County and her boyfriend, Detective Rick Romero, have finally decided to tie the knot. The wedding ceremony goes off without a hitch, but before the couple is scheduled to leave on their honeymoon a homicide surfaces on the outskirts of Sante Fe. Shorthanded as usual, Sheriff Medrano pulls rank on Romero and drags him into an investigation which will not only delay the honeymoon, but hits very close to home.

No longer with the Sante Fe County Sheriff’s Department because of her marriage to a police officer, Jemimah will be unable to participate in this investigation. As the case unfolds, the psychologist finds herself surrounded by individuals from her childhood and memories she would have preferred to leave in the past.

Return to the Shadows is the fifth book in the Jemimah Hodge Mystery series.

Marie Romero Cash was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has lived there most of her life. In her mid-thirties she discovered the traditional arts of northern New Mexico. After twenty years of creating award-winning art, she began to write about it. At fifty she enrolled in college and, five years later, graduated with a degree in Southwest Studies. In 1998, she received the prestigious Javits Fellowship to pursue her education. Since then Marie has written several books about the art and culture of the southwest, including a memoir about growing up in Santa Fe.

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