The Necklace, by Carla Kelly

Spain, Islam, Caliphate, The Necklace, Carla Kelly, 1200, Reconquista
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ISBN: 978-1-60381-354-9
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The Necklace, by Carla Kelly

Hanneke Aardema is the daughter of an ambitious Dutch herring merchant. It is 1211, when Spain’s kingdoms are planning a final push to drive the weakening caliphate from the Iberian Peninsula. Warriors fired by the flames of Islam have ruled Spain for five hundred years. Because Hanneke’s dowry will finance an army, she is married with no choice in the matter to a Spanish warrior who will help his king in the final struggle, in exchange for land of his own. The king himself has warned Hanneke that many will be winnowed out in this viscous fight. Will it be Hanneke, a newcomer to this land in turmoil, a nation in the making? Her new husband Santiago, who knows only war? His loyal friend and soldier Antonio, a man half-Moor, half-Spaniard? What about Yussef el Ghalib, their great enemy, who schemes with both sides? Through a terrible kindness, Hanneke sets in motion a series of events that will prove the undoing of some and the salvation of others. All because of a necklace.

Carla Kelly is a well-known veteran of the romance writing field, Carla Kelly is the author of forty-three novels and three non-fiction works, as well as numerous short stories and articles for various publications. She is the recipient of two RITA Awards from Romance Writers of America for Best Regency of the Year; two Spur Awards from Western Writers of America; three Whitney Awards, 2011, 2012, and 2014; and a Lifetime Achievement Award from Romantic Times.

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