The Barefoot Queen, by Jean Harrington

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-60381-845-2
eBook: $5.99
Historical Romance

The Barefoot Queen, by Jean Harrington

When Grace O’Malley’s beloved father is hanged for poaching a deer, she knows the time is ripe for defiance. The usurper of Ballybanree village, Lord Ross Rushmount, must learn that the villagers will not, cannot, continue to exist in hunger and want under his tyrannical thumb.

But can a young Irish woman with little but her bare hands and a thirst for justice defy the powerful Englishman? Though the love of her life, Owen O’Donnell has his own plan of defiance, for Grace there is only one way. She will take up her father’s crusade and become the new secret poacher. The arrogant Rushmount will never suspect a mere lass has the courage to raid his forest.

Keeping her nighttime forays secret even from Owen, and with the inspiration of her great-grandmother, the legendary Granuaile, steeling her resolve, she carries out her mission despite enormous danger—until Rushmount seizes the two men she loves most, her brother Liam and Owen O’Donnell.

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