Death of a Coupon Queen, by Jenna Harte

Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 9781941890752
eBook: $5.99

Death of a Coupon Queen, by Jenna Harte

Things are look up for Sophie Parker who has settled into her new, poorer life in her small Blue Ridge town. She’s still working at the pirate-themed sports bar, the Booty Burgo, but also, she works a few hours a week doing children’s programming at the library, allowing her to tap into her Folklore degree and love of fairy tales. She and her curmudgeonly great aunt are getting along, for the most part, and her love life with airplane repo pilot AJ Devlin is on a good flight path. Her biggest challenge is learning the ins and outs of extreme couponing, but even that is improving as coupon group member and Powerball winner, Marla Naylor, is tutoring her. Sophie’s new normal is cut to bits when she arrives at Marla’s house to learn about using phone apps for shopping savings and finds her stabbed in the neck with her coupon sheers and her coupon binders missing.

When Marla’s coupon binders are discovered in Sophie’s nemesis, Vivie Danner’s car, the case seems solved, although Sophie has a hard time thinking Vivie would murder in such a messy fashion. With help from Marla’s neighbor, Ellie who is homebound taking care of her ill husband, Sophie and Vivie piece together the goings ons in the neighborhood. As it turns out, there were many people who might want Marla dead. But as Sophie uncovers secrets about the victim and other residents of town, someone is lurking close by, ready to cut her life short.

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