The Cottonwoods, by Lyn Farrell

Cottonwoods, Lyn Farrell, Lyn Farquhar, Treasure, Family, Sister, Romance, Rural, Farm
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ISBN: 978-1-94207-826-4
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The Cottonwoods, by Lyn Farrell

When Amber Bradshaw was twelve, her dying mother made her promise that someday she would find the family treasure brought to the U.S. by her great grandparents during WWI. She’s been left the century-old farmhouse but the farm on which it stands is to be sold. If Amber is ever to find the treasure, it has to be soon. She locates her great Grandmother Ina’s journal which tells of her bitterness with her husband who stole her dowry and ripped her from her homeland. It’s an all-too familiar concept to Amber who struggles with her own resentment about having to become a “mother” to her little sister, Claire, after her mother died. Then Claire arrives at the farm and she’s had a baby. Amber has decision to make about Claire’s child, the agro-company trying to buy the farm and the two men who are interested in her. Will she be the family member who finds the treasure? Will the outcome be one that works for her? The farm? It’s a landscape strewn with snares and promises. Only time will tell.

Lyn Farrell is the nom-de-plume for Lyn Farquhar. Lyn Farquhar taught herself to read before starting school and honed her story telling abilities by reading to her little sister. Lyn graduated from Okemos High School in Michigan and got her college and graduate degrees from Michigan State University. She has a master’s degree in English literature and a Ph.D. in Education. Lyn has two daughters and six step children, nine granddaughters and three grandsons. She also has two extremely spoiled Welsh Corgi’s. Her hobby is interior design and she claims she has the equivalent of a master’s degree from watching way too many decorating shows.

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