Ghost of a Girl, by E.L. Oakes

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-942078-54-8
eBook: $5.99

Ghost of a Girl, by E.L. Oakes

Monday mornings are bad enough, but when Kami’s begins with a phone call from a police detective, she knows she’s big trouble. Her car has just been pulled, wrecked, from a local reservoir. Before the week is out, Kami will have a missing brother, a missing classmate, a dead body, a stalker, and a detective eager to pin her brother for murder. Thankfully, she’ll also have a paying client. Unfortunately, he’s misread her sign and wants a paranormal researcher, not a paralegal.

As her life path devolves from career paralegal to ghost hunting fugitive, Kami will need to rely on her oldest and truest friends, including boho surfer Nicky Gratz, prominent lawyer Reginald Burroughs, retiree Morri Morrimont, and of course, Hoover the Hairless Cat, and Evrett, the ghostly crusader knight. With their help, she’ll have to keep herself out of jail, find her brother, and solve the haunting of a house high in the East Bay hills.

In this second installment of the Kami White series, she leaps headlong into Bay Area tech geek culture, and with her typical madcap methodology, takes the reader on a fun and wild adventure that solves crime while exploring what it means to truly be family.

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