Murder at Jaipur, by Bharti Kirchner

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ISBN: 9781684920853
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Murder at Jaipur, by Bharti Kirchner

Maya Mallick, Seattle P.I., receives a call from her mother Uma, who lives in Jaipur, India. It appears that Uma’s partner Neel Saha, a gemologist, has been arrested by the police on charges of stealing a rare ruby. The heirloom, an object of much superstition, belonged to Neel’s client, Rana Adani, a young, charismatic Jaipur business tycoon. Insisting that Neel is innocent, Uma begs Maya to fly to Jaipur and clear Neel of the charges. Further complicating matters, Uma’s domestic help and chauffeur Sam, a kite-flying champion, well-loved by the family, has gone missing.

Maya arrives in Jaipur, hoping to reconnect with Uma and help her. But Uma inexplicably distances herself, whereas Neel, now freed from jail, turns abusive toward Maya.

When Rana’s estranged wife Bea is killed by the glass-coated string of a falling kite, suspicion falls on Sam, who has quietly reappeared on the scene.

Who has misappropriated the ruby and why? Could it have been the late Bea? Anita, Rana’s difficult aunt? Sam, who’s disappeared again? Or Uma, who seems to be hiding from Maya? How many more lives will be lost? Maya must recover the precious object soon to prevent further bloodshed.

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