The Irish Book Club of Dublin (Ohio), by Robin Strachan

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781684920877
eBook: $5.99

The Irish Book Club of Dublin (Ohio), by Robin Strachan

Laura Fisher is married to a minister who abuses her regularly and undermines her self-esteem. When their oldest son dies under suspicious circumstances, Laura’s husband insists they must forgive and forget. But Laura needs to know the truth so that justice can be served.

In a twist of fate, Laura finds herself single, finally able to pursue her dreams of a happier life. With the help of a longtime friend, she begins her first job at Serendipities, a home design store, and embarks courageously on a new path. She moves to Dublin, Ohio and starts her own store called Serendipities II.

In Dublin, she finds supportive friendships through an Irish Book Club and begins the process of healing from the pain of her past. Laura longs for happiness in love, but is understandably timid. She makes one mistake after another. One man, however, has a tether on her heart. Over the course of the next year, as they work together toward common goals, a friendship is forged. Could he be her soul mate? Laura believes in serendipity, an occurrence that happens by chance in a beneficial way. Serendipity has worked before. Can it help her find true love?

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