Wrestling with Death, by Randee Green

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Cozy Mystery

Wrestling with Death, by Randee Green

Twenty-eight-year-old Carmen Karlaff, owner of a native grass and wildflower seed farm in northwestern Minnesota, finds herself involved in another murder.  Marcy, an old friend, moves home along with her husband, Brian.  In the few short weeks Brian has been back he has angered everyone he comes into contact with.  When the assistant cook at the restaurant owned by Carmen’s best friend, Jessica, is assaulted and left unconscious, and then a respected coach is found dead, next to a barely conscious Brian, Carmen believes Brian is guilty. 

Marcy is trying to divorce Brian, but does not believe her husband is a murderer and contacts Carmen for her help. Carmen reluctantly agrees to help and is shocked when the sheriff shares that forensic evidence proves Brian couldn’t have murdered the coach and he is unsure if Brian or the coach was the actual target.  With harvest over, seed to be cleaned, and her first guests checking into one of the cabins they built in a native prairie to promote tourism, Carmen tries to find time to dig into the murder.  Her life is further complicated as her foreman and now boyfriend, Nick, is hiding something.

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Wrestling with Death, by Randee Green
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