Daughter of the Heart, by Robin Strachan

Daughter of the Heart, Robin Strachan, Mystery, Family, adoption, Native American, Blackfeet
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 9781941890769
eBook: $5.95

Daughter of the Heart, by Robin Strachan

Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine Carrie Nelson has just married the man of her dreams, handsome trauma surgeon Dr. Nate Holden. The couple lives and works on the Blackfeet reservation near Glacier National Park. They are anxious to start a family, but success eludes them. After a Blackfoot newborn is abandoned at the federal hospital, Carrie is shocked when the tribe’s medicine woman insists that she and Nate adopt the baby. Federal legislation enacted to prevent adoption of Indian children by non-Native Americans is against is against them. Determined to keep the baby, Carrie is guided by the medicine woman who is adamant that she will help them. Meanwhile, the baby’s birth family wants her back, and they are almost certain to win. As Carrie struggles with anger and fear that she will lose baby Nuttah, a she-wolf continues to appear in her life, providing comfort. Over the next year, Carrie and Nate are in for the fight of their lives to keep the baby. Some tribal members are supportive. Others disapprove. Will Carrie and Nate be given permission to adopt? If not, will they decide they must leave the reservation and the patients who depend on them?

Daughter of the Heart is the sequel to Listening to Drums.


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