A Murder is Forever, by Robert Bates

A Murder is Forever, Robert Bates, Diamond District, Mystery
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 9781603812214
eBook: $5.99

A Murder is Forever, by Robert Bates

Max Rosen always said the diamond business isn’t about sorting the gems, it’s about sorting the people. His daughter Mimi is about to lean that some people, like diamonds, can be seriously flawed.

After Mimi’s diamond-dealer cousin Yosef is murdered – seemingly for his $4 million pink diamond – Mimi finds herself in the middle of a massive conspiracy, where she doesn’t know who to trust, or what to believe. Now she must find out the truth about both the diamond and her cousin, before whoever killed Yosef gets her.

Link to The New York Times mention.

A Murder is Forever is the first book in the Diamond District Mystery series.

Rob Bates has written about the diamond industry for over 25 years. He is currently the news director of JCK, the leading publication in the jewelry industry, which just celebrated its 150th anniversary. He has won 12 editorial awards, and been quoted as an industry authority in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and on National Public Radio. He is also a comedy writer and performer, whose work has appeared on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update segment, comedycentral.com, and Mcsweeneys He has also written for Time Out New York, New York Newsday, and Fastcompany.com. He lives in Manhattan with his wife and son.


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