Deadly Deception, by Marie Romero Cash

Deadly Deception, Marie Romero Cash, Jemimah Hodge, Mystery, Murder
Paperback: $12.95
ISBN: 9781603818933
eBook: $4.95

Deadly Deception, by Marie Romero Cash

Forensic psychologist Jemimah Hodge, who has just returned to Santa Fe after a few months in special training, is handed a cold case from almost ten years earlier. The matter is especially sensitive because it concerns the death of a police officer’s wife in a car accident, and Santa Fe’s finest have not been cooperative.

Detective Rick Romero has waited patiently for Jemimah’s return. She would like to respond to his interest in her, but is held back by emotional scars left over from her conservative Mormon upbringing. Despite their tense personal relationship, they must find a way to work together.

Romero and Jemimah survive separate shooting incidents they suspect are related to the case. Each faces obstacles and distractions. Jemimah is missing key evidence, and Romero is coping with a wounded shoulder, his ex-con brother’s screw-ups, and the arrival of a sexy FBI agent. Will they be able to identify the would-be killer in time to save themselves?

Deadly Deception the second book in the Jemimah Hodge Mystery series.

Marie Romero Cash was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and has lived there most of her life. In her mid-thirties she discovered the traditional arts of northern New Mexico. After twenty years of creating award-winning art, she began to write about it. At fifty she enrolled in college and, five years later, graduated with a degree in Southwest Studies. In 1998, she received the prestigious Javits Fellowship to pursue her education. Since then Marie has written several books about the art and culture of the southwest, including a memoir about growing up in Santa Fe.

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