Double Frame, by Kevin Doyle

Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 978-1-684920-13-6
eBook: $5.99

Double Frame, by Kevin Doyle

Sociology professor Felix Thayer is brilliant but hateful. A near-genius in his field, but impossible to get along with. When his colleague Michael Hartness is found murdered in his office, it doesn’t surprise anyone that Thayer is arrested for the crime. Everyone who knew the two men pretty much saw that coming. But why would Thayer have committed the murder in a manner so careless as to almost ensure his being fingered as the culprit? It’s almost as if the guy wanted to be caught.

That’s what Thayer’s wife needs to know. She doesn’t really care whether her husband’s guilty. She just has to know why he’d be so careless and hires Sam Quinton, full-time gym owner, part-time private eye, and former professional wrestler, to find out. But as Quinton investigates the crime, he finds there may be more to the affair than the animosity of two men. And when the local Mafia begins dogging his steps, he figures he’s on the trail of something that someone wants kept under wraps.

Did Thayer kill Hartness? Or is he taking the fall for some reason? Is the mob after Thayer, or are they after whoever the real killer may be and think Sam can lead them to him? In order to find the answers, Sam has to dig deep into the lives of both Thayer and his victim and find out what secrets may have dogged both men. 

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