Murder at Sleeping Tiger, by C.R. Koons

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Murder at Sleeping Tiger, by C.R. Koons

Awakened from a disturbing dream, Sheriff Ulysses Walker is called to investigate the death of a Picuris Indian man in the mountains near Sleeping Tiger Zen Center in Taos County, New Mexico. Guests are arriving for a silent meditation retreat when a record snowstorm traps them at the remote monastery. The next day a Zen sensei is found dead from exposure at Picuris Pueblo and Ulysses realizes both deaths are murders. With help from Picuris War Chief Ray Pando, Ulysses uncovers festering animosities among the retreat guests and details linking the murders to each other and to crimes from a decade earlier. More disturbing dreams reveal to Ulysses the level of threat he is facing. When the killer escapes, a backcountry chase leads to a terrifying climax during the Picuris Deer Dance.

C.R. Koons’ fast-paced narrative draws the reader into a complex story of betrayal and retribution depicting richly drawn characters in a unique setting. Her keen appreciation of the landscapes and culture of New Mexico as well as her knowledge of Zen add fascinating details to this mystery.

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