Lucky Lady, by Paulla Hunter

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Lucky Lady, by Paulla Hunter

In this third book of Darcy Moreland Mysteries, intrepid TV investigative reporter, Darcy Moreland exposes a long-standing corruption scheme involving both city and state officials that causes murders, protests, a kidnapping, and the arrest of two members of the American Indian Movement.

A bloody bison head was placed in front of a vacant furniture store with an old newspaper highlighting the 1972 American Indian Movement occupation of the Bureau of Indian Affairs in Washington DC, along with an arrow, an ancient symbol of war.

A Las Vegas consortium, which bought the land and building, sends enforcers to silence any scrutiny before anyone can block the acquisition. Darcy wants to know why.

Police Detective Hank Nelson, Darcy’s lover, as well as Abby her best friend, and new friend, historian Dr. Robert Barton, all attempt to find justice and vindication.

Anxious parties on all sides create a tense atmosphere and ensure that violence becomes an option.

 Can Darcy stop the egregious abuses of power and find answers before more innocent people are dragged into the vortex of greed and violence?

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