Renewal, by Sharon St. George

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Renewal, by Sharon St. George

Delta Sawyer, wife of billionaire Buck Sawyer, is campaigning for mayor of Timbergate. The week before election day she undergoes a cosmetic procedure performed by Dr. Vane Beardsley. Delta is discharged in good condition, but her first night at home she is found unresponsive and is rushed to Timbergate Medical Center where she dies.

A lethal mix-up in Delta’s post-procedure pain medication is discovered, and her husband, Buck Sawyer, is suspected of foul play. Buck’s corporate pilot, Nick Alexander, is also the longtime boyfriend of Aimee Machado, TMC’s Forensic Librarian. Nick asks for Aimee’shelp in clearing Buck’s name by looking into possible malpractice by Beardsley or someone else at the hospital.

Administrator Jared Quinn requests Aimee’s help in doing the opposite. She must use her research skills to help clear the hospital of any liability in Delta Sawyer’s death. Quinn also hints at a promotion for Aimee but tells her it will not proceed until after the Sawyer case is solved.

Aimee is protective of her workplace and excited about a promotion, but she is also deeply in love with Nick Alexander and ready for the next step in their relationship. She believes in Buck Sawyer’s innocence, but she feels the same about her workplace and about Dr. Vane Beardsley, the man responsible for her dream job as TMC’s Librarian. Aimee uses her forensic research skills to search for a killer and enlists her brother, Harry, to scour the dark web for clues. She eventually uncovers a tangled web of deception and the final, heartbreaking secret that puts her own life at risk.

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