Libby’s London Merchant, by Carla Kelly

Paperback: $17.95
ISBN: 978-1-68492-083-9
eBook: $5.99

Libby’s London Merchant, by Carla Kelly

Elizabeth “Libby” Ames knows nothing about Nesbitt Duke, a London merchant who meets with an accident in front of her uncle’s house. A kind woman, she will tend to him until he feels better.

Benedict Nesbitt, Duke of Knaresborough, is not in her house by accident at all. In disguise, he’s checking out Libby for his best friend, who has it under good authority that she is wealthy and will relieve his financial ills.

No one is who they seem, in this classic Regency Romance by Carla Kelly. Adding more mischief to the matter is Anthony Cook, a good-natured but shy country doctor, who uncovers “Mr.” Duke’s more immediate problem. With the cure come heartache, love, regret, and vindication.

But for whom? The doctor who loves Libby? The duke who loves Libby? The brother who needs Libby? Or Libby herself, who must sort out her feelings and make the best of a situation that could ruin her, or save her?

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