One Good Turn, by Carla Kelly

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One Good Turn, by Carla Kelly

In this sequel to Libby’s London Merchant, Benedict Nesbitt, Duke of Knaresborough, becomes a reluctant Good Samaritan. Under duress from his butler, he offers a ride to a Spanish woman and child trudging in the rain. She does him a good turn, and he feels obligated to return the favor. He senses that Liria Valencia is no ordinary woman, although she is silent about her past.

Patiently, Nez learns more, which takes him back to an event he would rather forget—the last siege of Badajoz, during Wellington’s Peninsular Wars. He is not proud of his role in the terrible aftermath, but he must know more, because he has fallen in love again.

Can people change? Yes.  Is change sometimes painful? Yes again. Is change worth it? The only way is to find out. On one hand, more regret. On the other, redemption and love.

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