Slay It With a Diamond, by Rob Bates

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ISBN: 9781684920457
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Slay It With a Diamond, by Rob Bates

Would you buy a “cursed” diamond?

New York diamond dealer Max Rosen would. He doesn’t believe in curses. But that was before the wife of the famous jeweler who sold him a supposedly “cursed” gem ended up dead.

Soon, Max’s daughter—journalist-turned-amateur-sleuth Mimi Rosen—and her policeman boyfriend are drawn into the dark history of the jeweler’s powerful family. The trail leads Mimi to their opulent mansion, where she uncovers long-buried scandals, a bitter family feud, plus surprising evidence the curse is real—and might kill her next. Fun and fast-paced, and filled with heart and humor, SLAY IT WITH A DIAMOND not only puts the diamond and jewelry industry under the microscope, but tackles the age-old question of why sparkly objects enchant us so.

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