The Case of the ’66 Ford Mustang, by Tom Meschery

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The Case of the ’66 Ford Mustang, by Tom Meschery

When Victor and Vincent learn that their beloved older brother Mario murdered his girlfriend, Grace Conner then committed suicide, the twins set out to prove the Oakland police department is wrong. Mario must be vindicated, and family honor must be preserved. Victor again takes on the principal detective duty. Vincent agrees to working the Brovelli Brothers’ used car business with the understanding that he is ready at any time to help his twin. With all the evidence pointing to Mario’s guilt, Victor must trust his instincts. He is helped by his girlfriend Dila Agbo, a one-time member of the Black Panthers. Together, they are led in many desperate directions. On his quest for the truth, Victor is haunted by the ghosts of his brother Mario and his girlfriend whose unspoken message of grief frightens and motivates him. Will Victor learn the truth of Mario’s death even as Dila’s life is threatened?

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