Outlaw Mountain, by Cindy Keen Reynders

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Outlaw Mountain, by Cindy Keen Reynders

As autumn colors brighten the town of Meadowlark Valley, Wyoming, and the surrounding mountains, the brutal murder of a local woman upsets the locals, along with the mysterious disappearance of a rancher’s daughter.

Private investigator Reese Golden, along with local detective Jeremy Savage, seek to uncover the truth. Despite the years of law enforcement experience the two possess, they are initially bewildered by their lack of leads.

When anonymous threats are made on Reese’s life, along with warnings for her to stay clear of the case, she fears becoming a target for murder. Because of the danger, Jeremy wants to remove her from the case. However, Reese remains dedicated to pursuing the truth, and to stopping a killer before any further lives are lost. 

Reese and Jeremy continue their investigation, which includes conducting extensive interviews and handling dangerous developments. As Reese falls further down a rabbit hole littered with dead ends, she begins to piece together long-buried secrets.

In Wyoming’s wild backcountry, Reese risks all to uncover the complicated truth. On the cusp of losing her own life, she seeks to save that of the kidnap victim, as well as to see that justice is served.

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Outlaw Mountain, by Cindy Keen Reynders
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