Sourdough Dead, by Carol E. Ayer

Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-942078-70-8
eBook: $5.99

Sourdough Dead, by Carol E. Ayer

Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and home baker Kayla Jeffries is on the case when her boyfriend, restaurateur Jason Banks, becomes the main suspect in a murder investigation. Jason’s longtime nemesis, Leon Haskell, is found dead only hours after his baseball team bested Jason’s and just one day after he triumphed in a sourdough bread contest the two participated in together.

Desperate to clear Jason’s name, Kayla’s sleuthing has her interviewing contestants from the sourdough bread contest, a number of Jason’s teammates, and Leon’s co-workers and neighbors. As one lead after another doesn’t pan out, she redoubles her efforts, confident that she and police detective Brian—with whom she’s working unofficially—will eventually succeed in nabbing the killer.

Along the way, Kayla’s mom, Diana, stays with her for a few days. Her mother’s visit turns out to be stressful for Kayla and it brings up her deep-seated fear that as an HSP, she will always have to live alone. But what does that mean for her future with Jason?

On Halloween afternoon, Kayla unwittingly places herself in the murderer’s crosshairs. She’ll have to dig deep to save herself and bring the killer to justice. Then it’s time to figure things out with Jason.

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