Talladega Nightmares, by Mark Everett Stone

Talladega Nightmares, Mark Everett Stone, BSI, Bureau of Supernatural Investigation, Talladega, Alabama, Urban Fantasy, Fantasy, Thriller
Paperback: $14.95
ISBN: 9781603812597
eBook: $5.95

Talladega Nightmares, by Mark Everett Stone

The word is out on the BSI and the world has come to accept the presence of the Supernaturals that creep into our reality from the World Under. Now the agents work with government supervision and an almost constant media presence, which makes them the most famous people in the US of A.

Kal Hakala’s time as an agent is drawing to a close and the next phase of his life is on the horizon, but there is one last mission waiting. His best friend, Agent Canton Alsate, has gone missing. Last see in the town of Talladega, Alabama, he and the team shadowing him, disappeared without a trace and it’s up to the Bureau’s most famous agent to find him.

Armed with magic and years of experience, Kal sets off on a solo mission to save his friend, not knowing that Canton faces the greatest trial of his life at the hands of the greatest enemy the BSI has ever faced.

Talladega Nightmares is the seventh book in the series: From the Files of the BSI.

Born in Helsinki, Finland, Mark Everett Stone arrived in the U.S. at a young age and promptly dove into the world of the fantastic. Starting at age seven with The Iliad and The Odyssey, he went on to consume every scrap of Norse Mythology he could get his grubby little paws on. At age thirteen he graduated to Tolkien and Heinlein, building up a book collection that soon rivaled the local public library’s. In college Mark majored in Journalism and minored in English. Mark lives in California with his amazingly patient wife, Brandie, and their two sons, Aeden and Gabriel.


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