Murder at Andaman, by Bharti Kirchner

Murder at Andaman, Bharti Kirchner,  Maya Mallick, Mystery
Paperback: $16.95
ISBN: 9781603816809
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Murder at Andaman, by Bharti Kirchner

Seattle-based PI Maya Mallick (POV) is grief-stricken to learn that Rory Thompson, the husband of her close friend, Lee, has been murdered in the Andaman Island in India. At Lee’s urging Maya decides to investigate the case but considers an overly calm Lee a suspect, and doubts if she and Rory were a loving and devoted couple.

Maya, her administrative assistant, and his young, reckless girlfriend, Sophie, travel to the resort. Maya cannot trust any of the numerous people she meets. The chatty police inspector won’t reveal why he wishes to arrest Nemo Pal, one of Rory’s authors. Nemo, a close friend of Rory, refuses to divulge any information, apparently in fear for his own life.

Maya is uneasy about Esme, the wealthy, well-connected socialite and her brooding brother Jorge, a former swordfighter. Esme insists she had few dealings with Rory. However, Maya discovers that Esme’s cell phone holds pictures of him and that Nemo also had an affair with Esme.

Nemo is murdered in a manner similar to that of Rory. Maya, now in a vulnerable position herself, intensifies her search. Two people come to her aid: A streetwalker provides details about Rory’s secret life and romantic liaisons and a taxi driver offers evidence that he had dropped Rory off near a wealthy home on his last evening alive.

Maya is thankful to flirtatious Sophie, who secretly harvests Jorge’s DNA. According to the lab, that matches the DNA found in both Rory’s and Nemo’s corpses.

Maya gets a chance to interrogate Esme at the police station. Esme confesses that she’d been romantically obsessed with Rory. His eventual rejection had caused her to seek revenge and that Jorge had committed both the murders. Nemo knew too much about the liaison between Esme and Rory and, therefore, had to be silenced.

Murder at Andaman is the first book in the Maya Mallick Mystery series.

“Another carefully crafted mystery from the pen of Bharti Kirchner, “Murder at Andaman” is a riveting read that will have special appeal to dedicated mystery buffs and is a ‘must read’ for the growing legions of Bharti Kirchner fans. Simply stated, “Murder at Andaman” is an original and unreservedly recommended addition to any and all community library Contemporary Mystery/Suspense collections.” —Midwest Book Review

Bharti Kirchner is the 2020 winner of the prestigious SALA Award in creative writing. She’s the author of seven previous acclaimed novels and four nonfiction works, most published by major U.S. or U.K houses. Goddess of Fire, a historical novel set in India, was shortlisted for the Nancy Pearl Award. Bharti has written for Food & Wine, Vegetarian Times, Writer’s Digest, The Writer, San Francisco Chronicle, The Seattle Times, and eleven anthologies. Her many awards include a Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellowship. She’s a popular teacher at writer’s conferences nationwide.
She’s been honored as a Living Pioneer Asian-American Author.

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