A Lethal Dose, by Gene Rontal

Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 978-1-60381-791-2
eBook: $5.99

A Lethal Dose, by Gene Rontal

After failing to clear his colleague, Frank Connely, of malpractice charges, Dr. Benjamin Dailey is asked to investigate the brilliant but troubled researcher. Dailey is disturbed by what he finds: although Connely is an expert on an injectable toxin that causes botulism, his past is riddled with infidelity and dangerous relationships. When Jordan, Dailey’s girlfriend, becomes infected with a rare strain of botulism, Dailey desperately tries to unravel the complex web of greed, sex, and unexplained death that has ensnared Connely.  Racing against the clock to save Jordan’s life, he soon becomes the target of a calculating killer.  In an exciting climax, Dailey must confront his own past in order in order to stop the murderer from claiming another victim. A thrilling medical mystery, pulsing with excitement and suspense.

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