The Moth Came Back, by Tara Ratzlaff

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ISBN: 9781684920969
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The Moth Came Back, by Tara Ratzlaff

Twenty-eight-year-old Carmen Karlaff, owner of a native grass and wildflower seed farm in northwestern Minnesota is surprised when her employees find a dead body in her big bluestem field. Her best friend, Jessica, is accused of the murder when the body is identified as Jessica’s long-lost brother who ran away twenty years ago after injuring a young girl in a drunken driving accident. No one seems to know why he returned home after all this time, or what would have caused him to be killed. The sheriff suspects Jessica of murdering her own brother when he learns there is an inheritance at stake.  Things are further complicated when evidence implicating Jessica is found at her home. Carmen knows Jessica isn’t a murderer and decides to investigate. In the midst of a building project to promote tourism on her farm, navigating her feelings for her newly hired foreman with a past he’s unwilling to share, and preparing for harvest; her questions lead her to suspect this present-day murder is tied to the twenty-year-old accident and if she’s not careful the killer who is trying to keep the knowledge of what really happened that night quiet will try to silence her too.

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