Murder at the Mystery Castle, by J.C. Eaton

Murder at the Mystery Castle, J.C. Eaton, Marie Rayner, Mystery, Ann I. Goldfarb, James E. Clapp
Paperback: $15.95
ISBN: 9781941890691
eBook: $5.95

Murder at the Mystery Castle, by J.C. Eaton

Former crime statistician turned private investigator, Marcie Rayner, is hired to investigate the death of wealthy eccentric Helena Heatherbrae. The octogenarian’s demise was ruled natural causes but Helena’s cook, Minerva, doesn’t believe it. One visit to the Mystery Castle, where Helena lived, and Marcie is on Minerva’s side. The Gothic mansion with its sweeping views of Minneapolis, and its seemingly unending secret passageways, takes a back seat to the goings on among the staff.

It seems each employee has accused the next one of committing murder but none of them are willing to provide Marcie with the salient details. Left to her own resources, she teams up with boss Max Blake and boyfriend, Hogan Austin, to do a little secret sleuthing when no one else is around. They uncover a secret room, a sealed off dumbwaiter, photos of a strange little boy, and some very odd clues in the attic above Helena’s residence in the castle. It’s only when Marcie gets her hands on the original blueprints, she realizes how puzzling the case really is.

As if tracking down a killer isn’t enough, Marcie also has her hands full tailing the fiance of a bride-to-be. The bride-to-be is convinced the guy is cheating on her. And just when she thinks she’s got both cases under control, they collide with a twist she never expected. If Marcie Rayner hopes to get out of the Mystery Castle without becoming the next victim, she’ll have to work fast.

Murder at the Mystery Castle is book two in the Marcie Rayner Mystery series.

J.C. Eaton is the penname for the husband and wife writing team of Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp. A former teacher and middles chool principal from upstate New York, Ann is a seasoned author in her own right, having eight published YA time travel mysteries to her credit. James, a former winery tasting room manager, has focused on non-fiction with informative blurbs on the wine industry. This unlikely author duo found common ground when they moved to Arizona and realized that the community they were living in was the perfect background for murder mysteries. Ann admits that she’s definitely “the detail person” while James is more comfortable with plotline and the big ideas. Running the dialogue is their favorite pastime.

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