Mistress of Music, by Evelyn Richardson

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ISBN: 978-1-942078-44-9
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Regency Romance

Mistress of Music, by Evelyn Richardson

Daughter of parents obsessively in love with one another, Grace Owen has seen how love destroyed her widowed father and resolves to avoid it at all costs, if such a thing as love even exists; besides she has her music and her dreams of becoming an opera singer to inspire her.  It is only when she meets Maximilian Hawkesbury that she learns that hurting someone you care for is far more painful than love itself.  

Lord Maximilian Hawkesbury, son of parents who only put up with one another and their family long enough to produce three children before returning to their profligate ways has never known anything but solitude and his own devotion to his diplomatic career until his young nephew becomes involved with the wrong sort of woman, the sort of woman who ruined his father, and then he is ready to do anything in his power to get rid of her, anything, that is, except fall in love, a love that threatens to destroy not only his career, but hers.

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